Getting To Know Us


Simeka is an independent consulting business operating in the employee benefits industry.

We offer a comprehensive range of customised employee benefits solutions and services to retirement funds, employers, trade unions and to individual members of retirement funds.

Due to an ever-changing employee benefits landscape, our goal is to continue assessing and enhancing our offering to ensure that we meet the prevailing needs of our clients.

As an independent consulting business, we aim to maximise synergies and cost-efficiencies by blending products made available by a number of service providers delivering a holistic solution.

This approach alleviates risks associated with the potential conflict that arises when a consultancy is part of a one-stop-shop arrangement.


Director – B.Com

Jocelyn Hathaway

Jocelyn joined Sanlam in 2011 and currently holds the position of head of finance and operations for Sanlam Corporate. Jocelyn holds a B.Com degree as well as an MBA from the University of Cape Town. Jocelyn has 25 years of experience in the financial services industry and has extensive exposure in asset management, life insurance, broker services, employee benefits and finance.


Managing Director – B.Com

Richard Tyler

Richard joined Simeka in 2011 and is currently the managing director and an exco member of Sanlam Employee Benefits. Richard is a graduate of the University of Port Elizabeth with a B.Com degree and holds a Diploma in Investment Management. He has over 20 years’ experience within the employee benefits industry, has served on various industry bodies and has also consulted extensively to labour on retirement fund-related matters.


Director – B.Proc.LLB

Mbusowemvelo (Mbuso) Mtshali

Mbuso joined Sanlam in 2004 and is currently head of legal, compliance and the company secretary of Sanlam Investments. Mbuso is a graduate of the University of Rhodes with a B.Proc LLB degree. Mbuso has a very good knowledge of the employee benefits and investment management industries, coupled with a strong legal and compliance background.

  • Our essence: providing customised solutions and services
  • Our objective: securing good retirement outcomes for members
  • Our passion: financial empowerment
  • Our difference: partnering with our clients



With almost 20 years of experience as retirement fund specialists, and offices throughout South Africa, our consultants and expert actuaries are represented on industry bodies beyond Simeka.

They are always informed about new industry developments and play an active role in influencing these changes and to take you along on a financial wellness journey.


Our footprint stretches across South Africa and we have offices in Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and Sandton.



Simeka has fully embraced the Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) principles, and implemented a formal TCF policy to ensure that the fair treatment of our clients and potential clients is embedded in the delivery of all our services. This commitment is non-negotiable and fundamental to the way we have done and will continue to do business.



As a member of the Sanlam Group, we have a verified Level 1 B-BBEE status. We are committed to transformation and equality.

Equal employment opportunities are important to us and we are committed to structuring a diverse workforce consistent with South Africa’s demographic outline.

B-BBEE Certificate


At Simeka, we see corporate social investment (CSI) not only as a way to project our business values to clients and shareholders, but also more importantly as a means to enhance the lives of our employees.

Our approach to CSI contributes to a business model, which in turn helps us achieve our triple bottom line. At the same time, we are developing and enhancing the experience of employees within the organisation. We have been able to create a strong and meaningful connection between what we are doing, why we’re doing it and what our business is all about. In our experience, CSI is not simply about giving – it’s also about growing and receiving.

Our ultimate aim is to create a company all our stakeholders are proud to be associated with. One of the areas of focus of our CSI efforts has been the development of life skills. We believe members of our staff can play a valuable role in developing the life skills students and the underprivileged need in order to be successful and grasp the opportunities that come their way.


Winner of the POA Imbasa Yegolide award for actuarial firm of the year.


Communication Consultants to the winner of the IRF Best Practices Industry Awards competition in the category Best Communications Campaign.