Corporate Social Investment

At Simeka, we see corporate social investment (CSI) not only as a way to project our business values to clients and shareholders, but also more importantly as a means to enhance the lives of our employees.

Our approach to CSI contributes to a business model, which in turn helps us achieve our triple bottom line. At the same time, we are developing and enhancing the experience of employees within the organisation. We have been able to create a strong and meaningful connection between what we are doing, why we are doing it and what our business is all about. In our experience, CSI is not simply about giving it is also about growing and receiving.

Our ultimate aim is to create a company all our stakeholders are proud to be associated with. One of the areas of focus of our CSI efforts has been the development of life skills. We believe members of our staff can play a valuable role in developing the life skills students and the underprivileged need in order to be successful and grasp the opportunities that come their way.