Our approach to investment consulting is to understand our clients’ needs and develop an appropriately structured investment solution that will yield the intended investment outcome.

A simplified illustration of our process is to:

  • Assist clients to develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), taking into account the investment fundamentals, as well as their needs, liabilities and philosophy. The IPS then acts as the foundation for the investment strategy. An IPS workshop is a good vehicle to obtain the required input from stakeholders, as well as buy-in for the next steps.
  • Craft solutions in a bespoke fashion, in line with our mantra that the secret to successful investing is to address the right risk at the right time.
  • Empowering stakeholders through stacking the odds in their favour. In the retirement fund context, this encompasses guidance to members through appropriate defaults, which should lead to a successful retirement outcome in the absence of any intervention by the member.