February 8, 2022

Spotlight Session Webinar: Insights on retirement reform and the impact of the 2022 Budget on retirement savings in South Africa

The Regulator has recently published several draft documents and frameworks for implementation in 2022/23, which will change the face of the retirement industry as we know it.

Join our legal and technical specialists who will share their insights on what is coming in terms of retirement reforms and how it will affect the industry, trustees, and employers.

The world experienced a sharp economic recovery in 2021 following the deep recession in 2020, and strong global economic growth is expected in 2022. Locally, after experiencing a recession where our economy detracted by 7% in 2020, South Africa is expected to end 2021 with strong real economic growth, slightly over 5% (GDP growth to be announced on 8 March 2022). Even though we still need to make up for ground that was lost in the recession of 2020, the consensus view is that low “trend” growth will set in from as early as 2022.

Our investment consultants will comment on insights gained from the 2022 Budget, and how these are expected to impact retirement savings in South Africa.