Crafting retirement
solutions for your unique needs


We offer a holistic range of solutions and services to our clients and the retirement fund industry.

The service is not unique. The difference lies in our approach. While we offer a wide range of solutions that can be procured independently of each other, we always approach our clients’ needs from a holistic perspective, and we are always looking for ways in which we can add value.

Benefit Consulting Services

Our approach to benefit consulting is to get the basics right and to enhance the value-add through innovation and understanding our clients’ needs, to develop a strategic partnership.

Our benefit consulting building blocks consist of:

  • Benefit Structure and Design
  • Fund Governance
  • Risk Benefit Services
  • Fund Secretarial Services
  • Member Communication and Support
  • Member Education
Umbrella Fund Consulting Services

Many employers find the process of establishing and managing their own retirement fund too complex and the risk of personal liability for trustees onerous. They prefer to participate in a packaged retirement fund solution known as umbrella funds.

We provide an objective analysis and evaluation to simplify complexities and to implement an appropriate solution.

Communication Consulting Services

The empowerment of members forms the basis of our communication consulting services.

Our approach to communication consulting is to focus on the financial awareness of members and to develop a strategy that will educate and empower them towards securing better general financial wellness outcomes.

We review the existing fund communication arrangement by assessing the communication strategy, plans and processes.

Based on the outcome we will provide recommendations on how to communicate with members to enable them to make informed decisions.



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