Translating complicated
calculations into meaningful solutions

Actuarial Consulting Services

Our approach to actuarial consulting is to translate complicated calculations into meaningful and innovative solutions to assist our clients in making informed decisions and creating financial wellness.

• Annual / Triennial Valuation of Funds

• Advising on Contingency and Reserve Accounts

• Costing of Benefit Changes

• Allocation of Fund Surplus

• Minimum Pension Increases

Related services

Inclusive of:

•     Section 14 Transfers
•     Pension Increase Recommendations
•     Index Fund Investment Returns
•     Conversion of Defined Benefit Funds
•     Advice on Reinsurance Arrangements

As well as performing:

•     Loss of Income Calculations
•     Quantum of Road Accident Fund Claims

Calculating employer liability for company financial statement purposes:

•     Grap 25 Valuations
•     IAS 19 Pension Fund Valuations
•     Long-service Bonus Calculations
•     Post-retirement Medical aid Liability

Individual member calculations that include:

•     Minimum Individual Reserve Values
•     Cash Value of Pensions
•     Projected Pension Ratio Calculations
•     Analysis of Death Risk Cover per Member