Who We Are

Simeka was founded in 1998 as Oracle Employee Benefits. The name changed to Simeka Employee Benefits in 2001 after an empowerment transaction with Simeka Holdings. In June 2005, Sanlam Actuarial and Consulting Services was bought by Simeka Employee Benefits forming Simeka Consultants and Actuaries. Sanlam Limited acquired a 100% shareholding in Simeka Consultants and Actuaries in April 2007.

We offer innovative employee benefits solutions and services to retirement funds, employers, medical schemes, trade unions, as well as to individual members of retirement funds.

Due to the constantly changing employee benefits landscape, our goal is to continue to assess and enhance our offering to ensure that we meet the needs of our clients. Our aim is to maximise synergies and cost efficiencies by blending products and crafting tailor-made solutions.

This approach alleviates risks associated with the potential conflict that arises when a consultancy is part of a one-stop-shop arrangement.

Our Thinking

Simeka’s best advice philosophy forms the basis of our consulting solutions to our clients. It demonstrates that the fair treatment of our clients and potential clients is embedded in the delivery of our services and acts as a practical guide for our consultants and actuaries.

As a business delivering consulting services to retirement funds and employers we have a profound acceptance of the responsibility we carry. Our purpose is to ensure that ordinary South Africans have a positive outcome at retirement as well as through their working lives.

Our approach is centred on ensuring the member is at the centre of all we do and aspire to do. Although we continue to consult through trustee boards and management forums, we place emphasis on the fact that the fund, the employer and the member all have collective responsibilities.

The individual responsibilities of the fund, the employer and the member form the basis of our consulting philosophy.

Purpose Driven Solutions

Our Essence
Providing customised solutions and services
Our Objective
Securing good retirement outcomes for members
Our Passion
Financial empowerment of members
Our Difference

Partnering with our clients

Board of Directors